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Spring Insect Invasion

Know what type of pests to be on the look out for throughout Long Island and NYC.

Spring brings warmer weather, more daylight and of course, bugs! Because of warmer than average temperatures and precipitation amounts in the northeast we are expecting pest populations to be higher than usual this season.


Asian Tiger Mosquito

Mosquitos need water to breed. The Asian tiger mosquito is a “container-breeding” mosquito which means it can breed in any container that holds a ¼ inch of water. Unlike our native mosquitos, this invasive species bites during the daytime.



Ticks do not die in the winter. As temperatures rise in the spring ticks begin to move in search of a blood meal. Four species of tick are established on Long Island. Ticks can transmit diseases. Learn more about these pests and how to avoid them.

Enjoy the season, be “Pest Smart”!!!

For additional information about these and other urban pests, visit our pest library or send us an e-mail about your particular pest problem. You can also visit us on Facebook or use our “Live Chat” link to speak to one of our Entomologists.

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