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Bird Mite Extermination

The only way to guarantee 100% eradication of Bird Mites in your Long Island or NYC home.

Bird mites are some of the most intrusive species of mites due to their rapid reproduction rate and microscopic size. Due to these factors, they are both incredibly difficult to identify and kill. Many cases of bird mites result from living in close proximity to nesting birds, but can be traced to pets bringing them in from outside, or even buying used clothing and furniture. Once birds leave their nests, the mites then seek the blood they need to survive from nearby humans or other large animals to act as their new hosts. Even more disturbing is that they tend to be active mostly during the nighttime hours and congregate near where humans tend to be the most, especially bedrooms and bathrooms.

Reliable and expertly trained, Arrow exterminators specialize in the complete removal of all bird mites, regardless of the severity of infestation. They will perform an assessment that will determine where the mites are, where they came from, and if there are any other potential avian hosts nearby. Following this assessment, the Arrow exterminator will then determine which form of treatment will effectively kill all pests in the affected premises. In addition to the extermination of the pests, pest control experts may also have to use preventative measures to humanely relocate birds dwelling in the residence to a different ecosystem and install exclusion devices to prevent them from nesting there in the future.


Would you like to rid your business of birds? Email our Bird Department or give Arrow Exterminating a call. We use only humane ways to remove birds.

Call to Schedule an Inspection Today (516) 593-7770

Recognizing the Signs of a Bird Mite Infestation

It may be difficult to address the symptoms of bird mites at first as they resemble other known skin irritations and infection such as scabies. Due to their small size, their bites may feel like a small pin prick, but unless they are in large numbers in a concentrated area on the skin, they may leave no trace at all. The best way to prevent an infestation is to stop them before they reproduce, usually by the thousands, and within a week. At this point it will become extremely difficult to completely eradicate without an exterminator.

  • Be aware of developing rashes on the affected skin. The difference between these rashes and others is that these mites’ saliva causes the skin to itch and if many of them attach to a host, it can feel like the skin itself is crawling. In order to identify these pests, a medical professional will need to use a magnifier to see them.
  • Bird Mites typically tend to migrate toward the darkest parts of the house, usually in dark corners. Due to their microscopic size, however, they are able to hide in almost any nook, cranny, or crevice imaginable, including dressers and furniture.
  • Be especially careful during hot and humid days as they tend to both seek shelter indoors and become more active during these conditions

Arrow’s 4 Steps to Effective Bird Mite Control


It is critical to accurately identify early to avoid a full infestation.


Inspect, find, and remove the source of the mites, paying special attention to areas where residents (or their pets!) typically spend most of their time.


Exclude any birds currently nesting on the premises and make it less habitable for them to return in the future.


Use liquid, dust, or aerosols. These species of mites are highly adaptable, which make them incredibly resilient to a wide variety of products on the market. An exterminator trained in handling bird mites is the only surefire way to remove them completely and permanently from the property.

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