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Paper Wasp Removal


Question: Why are they called paper wasps?
Answer: This wasp produces new nests of paper each year, thus the name paper wasp.

Question: What do they feed on?
Answer: The paper wasp primarily feeds on insects and can be very beneficial to the gardeners concerned with plant pests such as caterpillars.

Question: Are they aggressive?
Answer: No. Paper wasps are sedentary insects and will sting only when threatened. Unlike honey bees, they do not leave their stinger in but do produce a painful sting.

Top down view of a paper wasp.

Question: Where will they be nesting and will they reuse their nest next season?
Answer: They can pretty much nest anywhere. Common areas are in vents, attics, and on buildings. The nest is never reused.

Question: How do they get into my home or office?
Answer: Since paper wasps nest on and in buildings, it is easy for them to gain access to any building.

Question: Does Arrow offer programs to treat paper wasps?
Answer: Absolutely! Arrow is a full service pest control company. Simply give us a call.

Paper Wasp Recognition

The northern or paper wasp is about 3/4 to 1-inch long, slender, narrow-waisted with long legs and reddish-orange to dark brown or black in color. There are yellowish markings on the abdomen (rear body part). Paper-like nests, shaped like tiny umbrellas, are suspended by a short stem attached to eaves, window frames, porch ceilings, attic rafters, etc. Each nest consists of a horizontal layer or ”tier“ of circular comb of hexagonal (six-sided) cells not enclosed by a paper-like envelope. The ends of the cells are open with the heads of the larvae exposed to view.

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