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Carpet Beetles FAQs


Question: Why are they called carpet beetles?
Answer: As their name implies, they are capable of damaging non-synthetic carpets, furs, clothing such as suits, blouses, sweaters etc.

Question: What else do carpet beetles feed on?
Answer: These pests feed on a wide variety of substances found in structures. These include human and animal hair, wool, furs, hide, feathers and dead insects.

Question: How can I tell if they are carpet beetles?
Answer: Carpet beetles larvae are about 1/8 inch long and narrow and have often been described as carrot-shaped. There are several types of carpet beetles, the black carpet beetle, varied carpet beetle and furniture carpet beetle.

Question: Where will they be nesting?
Answer: You can find them nesting in wall spaces where you may have had a bird, bee, mice, rat or squirrel nest.

Question: Where can they be found in my home?
Answer: They can be found in any or all the rooms in your home.

Question: How do they get into my home or office?
Answer: During the spring they feed outside on pollen and very often they fly inside the house and lay eggs.

Question: Do they bite?
Answer: No. But the bristles or hairs on the larval stage cause irritation to some people.

Question: Are they difficult to control? Can I do it myself?
Answer: It may be possible. However, when Arrow treats a home for carpet beetles it may take two service persons 1-2 days to treat the house thoroughly, and we will probably need to return several times.

Question: Does Arrow offer programs to treat carpet beetles?
Answer: Absolutely! Arrow is a full service pest control company. Simply give us a call.


The most common carpet beetles are the varied (Anthrenus verbasci) and black (Attagenus megatoma). The adults of both are oval-shaped and 1/8-3/16 inch long. The larvae of both are about 1/4 inch long, elongated and oval, with shorter brownish or black bristles, arranged more in a fan-like position on each side. The carpet beetle is also called the old-fashioned C.B. or “buffalo bug.” The female lays about 100 soft, white eggs in clothing, furniture, cracks, and other concealed places. Eggs will hatch in 8 to 15 days in summer and linger in cool weather. The black carpet beetle will normally have one generation per year while the other carpet beetles have up to four per year.

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