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Carpenter bees are large robust insects that look much like bumble bees. They have a bare, shiny black abdomen whereas bumble bees have a hairy abdomen with some yellow markings. Male carpenter bees, identified by the bright yellow spot in the middle of the head, are aggressive but quite harmless since they lack stingers. Females can sting if molested.

Question: Will they sting me?
Answer: Not usually. Although they are a bee and capable of stinging I have not heard of anyone being stung. But remember to treat them with respect as you would any bee.

Question: How do I tell carpenter bees from other bees?
Answer: Carpenter bees are large like a bumble bee but they have a very distinct shiny black body.

Question: How do you treat for carpenter bees?
Answer: You need to treat every hole individually. This doesn’t work too well if they are not in them since they will make a new nest nearby. The holes need to be treated until they are all gone.

Question: Do I need to treat them this way?
Answer: Not always. Carpenter bees will not nest in painted wood. If it is a deck or an untreated piece of wood you can paint it. If it is a crack then you can try to seal it (make sure you don’t seal it before you get them out since they could drill right into living space).

Question: Why do carpenter bees make holes?
Answer: That is their nest.

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