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Bats FAQs

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Bat hanging from a branch

Question: Aren’t bats rodents?
Answer: No. Bats are actually mammals. They come from a unique order of mammals called the Chiroptera.

Question: What do bats eat?
Answer: All bats eat night-flying insects. Each bat eats about its weight in insects.

Question: Don’t bats have sharp teeth? Can they chew wires?
Answer: These bats have sharp teeth for eating insects only. They cannot gnaw wood or chew wires.

Question: I thought bats were protected by federal law?
Answer: Yes, bats are protected by law since they are very beneficial.

Question: Do bats bite?
Answer: They can bite but usually only if you try to handle them.

Question: Can they be eliminated from a structure?
Answer: Yes. Each structure is different and therefore needs to be inspected for the proper procedure. Methods could be mechanical, lights, trapping, doors, or a combination.

Question: Do ultrasonic sound emitters work?
Answer: There is NO scientific proof they work.

Question: Does Arrow offer programs to eliminate bats?
Answer: Absolutely! Arrow is a full service pest control company. Simply give us a call. We look forward to helping you with any of your residential or commercial pest control needs.

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