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Arrow Exterminating has been an expert in pest control for 70 years, helping thousands of clients stay pest free. Nursing homes and other commercial hospitality establishments are particularly vulnerable to pest infestation due to the large number of residents who may store food within the facility. Visitors and staff may also unknowingly bring pests, especially bedbugs, into the facility through their clothing and gifts. Additionally, mechanical areas, kitchens, laundry rooms, and communal areas can become magnets for pests and critters, especially ants, roaches, mice, rats, and flies.

More than seven decades of experience has made us the number one choice in successful pest control. We have dealt with multitudes of nursing homes in a variety of settings, each with its own unique needs. We understand how the specifics of different facilities affect the nature of their pest control requirements, and we don’t let pest problems linger. When you hire us, you can feel confident you are hiring a winner who will overcome your unwanted critter situation once and for all.

Nursing home residents are not transient like patients in a hospital. They live in the nursing home full-time and deserve to live pest-free. What’s more, they are the most likely to notice unwanted critters loitering around the facility. Aside from being an annoyance, pests can spread bacteria to different surfaces, making them a health concern for the elderly residents, many of whom have compromised immune systems. Roaches, rodents, ants, and flies provide the biggest health threat, carrying bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Streptococcus pyogenes. Additionally, bed bug bites cause itchy red welts that, when scratched, can provide an entryway in the skin for dangerous disease-causing bacteria. Therefore, effective pest control is vital for nursing homes to maintain their cleanliness standards and protect the health and well-being of their residents.

At Arrow Exterminating, we thoroughly inspect your facility before coming up with an extensive plan for targeting each of the variety of pests you may have hiding out in your walls, floors, or elsewhere. In addition, we take care of any wildlife, such as squirrels and raccoons, that could be trying to gain entry to your facility.

We educate your staff on pest prevention strategies, and we return for regular maintenance so your pest situation stays under control. There are often telltale signs of wildlife hiding out in the facility.

This includes,

  • Shingle and building materials removed or disrupted,
  • Chimney and Roof damage
  • Scratching and nose in the wall units.
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