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Introduction and History

Nursing Home Common RoomArrow Exterminating Company, Inc. has been providing pest management services to institutional, commercial and residential clients for over 70 years.

More than seven decades of experience has made Arrow Exterminating Company, Inc. the number one choice for effective professional pest management services. We understand how the specifics of different facilities affect the nature of their pest management requirements. We provide a caring and respectful service to residents, staff and visitors to your facility.

Insect and Rodent Pests

Aside from being an annoyance, some insect and rodent pests present health challenges. Some bite or sting and some may spread disease-causing pathogens directly or indirectly to people presenting a health concern particularly for older residents, some of whom may have chronic medical issues. Cockroaches, ants, flies and rodents provide the biggest health threat, carrying bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli. Additionally, exposure to bed bugs may cause itchy red welts that, when scratched, can provide an entryway in the skin for disease-causing bacteria. Rats and mice are well known vectors of diseases. Effective pest management is critical especially for sensitive environments with populations at risk. Pest management is part of the program protecting the health and well-being of residents, staff and visitors.

Arrow Exterminating Company, Inc. will inspect your facility and create an Integrated Pest Management program specifically designed to address your unique requirements relative to insect and rodent pest issues inside and around the facility. In addition, our NYS licensed wildlife trappers can provide humane removal of nuisance wildlife.

Assisted Living / Nursing Facilities

These facilities are particularly vulnerable to pest infestations. Residents, visitors, guests and staff may unknowingly transport pests, including bedbugs, into a facility. Materials and supplies including food and paper goods from off-site vendors are being transported and delivered daily to these facilities. These are all potential “pest pathways” effecting the facility.

Integrated Pest Management

Nursing Home Common RoomIPM is not a single pest control method but rather involves integrating multiple control methods based on site information obtained through inspection, monitoring and reports. IPM is an effective and environmentally-sensitive approach that offers a wide variety of tools to reduce contact with pests and exposure to pesticides. Arrow has used IPM techniques successfully for over 35 years.

Traditional pest control involves the routine application of pesticides. IPM, in contrast focuses on pest prevention and uses pesticides only as needed. This provides a more effective, environmentally sensitive approach. IPM programs take advantage of all appropriate pest management strategies, including the judicious use of pesticides. Preventive pesticide application is limited because the risk of pesticide exposure may outweigh the benefits of control, especially when non-chemical methods provide the same results.

Consequently, every IPM program is designed based on the pest prevention goals and eradication needs of the situation. Successful IPM programs use this five-tiered implementation approach:

  • Inspection
  • Evaluation
  • Discussion
  • Action
  • Monitoring

IPM is a Smart, Sensible and Sustainable approach to pest management.

Pest Monitoring Program: – Early detection of pest activity through an established pest monitoring program can prevent pest populations from becoming established. Interventions and abatement protocols initiated when pest populations are low improves the effectiveness of the service and reduces the need for chemical pesticide applications. This methodology is a key component of Arrow’s service programs.

Pest Conducive Conditions – Environments that promote and sustain pests may be found, typically, in food service areas, laundry facilities, storage closets, utility areas and other common areas. Pest monitors will be installed in these “pest prone” areas. Monitors are examined during regular service visits. Findings are used by the technician to help direct the abatement.

Quality Assured Service Log Book – In compliance with NYSDEC rules and regulations, Arrow provides a service binder. This binder contains all documents and records required by the NYSDEC including product labels, licenses, business registration and certificate of insurance. A record of service is also maintained in this binder. A Pest Activity Report is provided for the staff. Should pest activity be seen, it is documented. The service technician examines the notes and responds accordingly to the reported location of pest activity. Appropriate service is provided.

In-Service Training: We provide “In Service Training Workshops” for your staff. We educate your staff on pest recognition and prevention strategies. We use audio / visual presentations and “hands-on” demonstrations. These presentations provide Risk Management Awareness training and part of your corporate Due Diligence educational programs for staff.

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