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Preventing Bed Bugs When You Go On Vacation

AWST | Posted on March 18, 2015

Closeup of a translucent bed bug.Bed bugs are a common nuisance across the country. When you are travelling, it is highly important to practice pest control techniques that will prevent a bed bug problem from coming home with you. To prevent bed bugs when you go on vacation, you can pack hard shell luggage and always place your items in the middle of your hotel room. In addition, you can also check for the signs of bed bugs in your hotel linens.

In this video from Joelle Garguilo, you will learn more about preventing bed bugs when you travel. In the event that you do experience a pest control problem in your home, a company offering bed bug removal and mouse extermination in NYC will be there to assist you with a complete range of services.

“Bed Bug Proof” Your Travel Plans from Joelle Garguilo on Vimeo.


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