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Damages Caused by Termites

AWST | Posted on September 23, 2015

termite-damage-to-homeTermite damage is unsightly—that much is obvious. But did you know that termites in Long Island can cause extensive damage a home to the point that it can collapse? According to the University of Kentucky, termites cause billions of dollars of damage annually. What’s especially frightening about termites is that they can eat at the wood inside a home—sometimes up to 12.9 pounds per year—without being noticed. They may only leave a few signs that have made your house a home.

If you suspect termites in your home, call pest control immediately. Termite treatment is highly effective, especially if the problem is detected early on. This will not only save money on termite extermination costs, but it will spare severe damage to your home. DIY termite treatment is not recommended, because it takes professional equipment and expertise to locate and eradicate all of the termites in a home, let alone take measures to prevent termites from coming back.


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