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A Mouse in Your House? Blame the Acorns.

Beth Rimmels | Posted on October 24, 2019

Cartoon mouse with acornsMouse activity increases in the fall, partially due to increasing cold weather, but also because of acorns. Yes, you read that right – acorns.

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Rodent Awareness Week – Hidden Dangers

Beth Rimmels | Posted on October 18, 2019

Beagle and Rat looking at each other Rodent Awareness Week, which this is year is being held October 20-26, is the Professional Pest Management Alliance’s (PPMA) annual event to teach the public about rodents and their dangers….

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What Pests Come Out in Early Spring?

Ed Robinson | Posted on April 25, 2019

Red motif of ticks, spiders, rats, and more.Most of us look forward to the coming of spring. Warm weather means we can be more active outdoors, trips can be planned and the family can spend time relaxing in the yard. All…

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Are Voles and Field Mice the Same Thing?

Ed Robinson | Posted on February 28, 2019

Vole or Field Mouse?Is that creature running around your garden or lawn what you think it is? When we see rodents, very often we have a sudden negative reaction. The…

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Rodent Awareness Week is Here!

Ed Robinson | Posted on October 18, 2018

Mouse safely eating cheese on a trap.

Happy Rodent Awareness Week! Have you hugged a rat today? OK, we’re pretty sure you haven’t, but rodents are definitely something you should keep in mind this time of year. Rodents can damage the interior…

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Don’t be Spooked by Pests this Halloween

Ed Robinson | Posted on October 11, 2018

Raccoon dressed as a witch for Halloween.

It’s supposed to be the spookiest time of the year, but Halloween should be about spooky fun. But if you think you have a pest problem, you can have some all too real scares this…

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Pest-Proofing Your Home in the Fall

Ed Robinson | Posted on October 4, 2018

Rodents on your property.Just because it’s getting cooler out doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about pests invading your home or business. Insects may be more visible during the warmer weather months of spring and summer, but that doesn’t…

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Don’t Invite Rodents Home for the Holidays

arrowblog321 | Posted on November 15, 2017

Portrait of two domestic ratIf your holidays played like the Nutcracker Suite, chances are you’d far prefer the company of sugarplum fairies over the nasty Rat King. Even as you’re enjoying the best parts of the holidays, rodents are plotting to…

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Surprising Ways Rodents Can Enter Your Home

arrowadmin | Posted on July 7, 2017

rodent in houseRodents can enter your home in some surprising ways. Here are some of the entryways, along with how you can easily avoid providing access to your home.

1. Air Conditioning Ductwork

Air conditioners have ductwork that leads to the outdoors. These…

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Weather a Factor on Rodents Entering Homes

arrowadmin | Posted on December 13, 2016

Weather a Factor on Rodents Entering Homes In general, when temperatures fall, rodents like rats and mice seek a sheltered location.  If convenient, these animals will enter structures to establish warm, secure harborages in proximity to a food source.


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