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Avoiding Lyme Disease

Beth Rimmels | Posted on May 23, 2019

Tick on a glass prescription bottle.Warm weather means time spent outside – which can put you at risk for Lyme disease. That’s why May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and it’s a key concern for Long Island…

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Pets and Pesticides

Ed Robinson | Posted on April 4, 2019

Parrot, lizard, cat, dog, rabbit, and ferret.We’re often asked questions related to the use of pesticides and how they might affect any household pets. That’s not surprising because Arrow Exterminating is a family-run company and we take good care of all…

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Pests and Allergies

Ed Robinson | Posted on October 25, 2018

Little girl in a bumblebee outfit sneezing in tall grass

When you discover pests in your home or business, there’s a good chance that your immediate reaction will be visceral. Let’s face it, insects and other unwelcome crawling things creep us out….

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Tips for Pest Control in Health Care Facilities

arrowblog321 | Posted on April 9, 2018

Health Care Pest Control GraphicBesides the home, people expect their local hospital to be pest-free. By ensuring your facility is protected against an infestation, you’re protecting your patients from germs as well as bed bites. Here are a few points about commercial…

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Home Rodent Infestations and Your Health

AWST | Posted on March 30, 2016

Mouse trap with cube of cheese.When rodents work their way into your home, they will do more than just serve as a nuisance. Rats, mice, and other rodents will also pose a serious health threat…

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Tips for Spotting Pantry Pests

AWST | Posted on February 4, 2016

Fully stocked kitchen pantry.

If you perform preventative pest control in NYC and the 5 boroughs, you’re much less likely to suffer from an infestation of pantry pests. You will need to immediately hire professional pest control services…

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How to Prevent Pantry Pests

AWST | Posted on January 28, 2016

Small cluster of ants.

If you’ve noticed signs of mice, rats, or roaches in your kitchen, you may be in need of professional rodent control or residential pest control on Long Island. Rodents and roaches can carry and…

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Creating a Commercial Pest Management Plan

AWST | Posted on January 21, 2016

commercial-building-frontIf you own a commercial building, it’s important that you do your research on pest management on Long Island. A pest management plan will protect your building from damage, and reduce your risk of liability for injuries…

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Removing a Cockroach Infestation

AWST | Posted on January 7, 2016

Cartoon cockroach sideview.

Of all the pests that can raid your home, cockroaches are among the worst—they’re highly unpleasant and can spread diseases. If you suspect that you may have a cockroach infestation in Long Island, contact a residential pest control

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A Look at the Health Dangers of Rodents

AWST | Posted on April 8, 2015

A-Look-at-the-Health-Dangers-of-RodentsA house infested by rodents, especially rats and mice, can expose your family to a risk of serious illness. Rodents carry as many as 25 infectious diseases. In their constant search for water and food, they travel through some…

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